Staff Mugshots

Our Teachers and Administrators are the heart and soul of GCA. To recognize their daily contributions to our environment, Swoop and the GCA Cheerleaders randomly select a staff member and "mug them". They receive a coffee mug filled with goodies to put a smile on their face.

Mrs. Orr Mugshot
Ms. Blackerby Mugshot
Pastor Wayne Mugshot
Ms. Lynn Mugshot
Mr. Moye Mugshot

Coach's Corner

Zebra Print Bow The GCA Spirit program is led by Larissa Alderman and supported by a team of loving coaches and sponsors including Patsy Goolsby, Jessica Weaver, Dave McWilliams and Rhonda Wofford. Together, they serve as the support-system for the Cheerleaders and GCA Mascots.

The spirit program is comprised of several moving parts including the mascot program featuring Swoop and Swoopette, a Varsity sideline squad, a Varsity competition squad, an Eaglette (1st – 5th) and Mighty Mite (K3-K5) squad.

Motivational Message

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Verse Of The Day